Saturday, July 16, 2005

who's on your list?

A few of my friends went to see Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson last weekend. It was an outdoor concert, not a lot of people, all ages type of laid back show. One of the girls had her 4 year old son with her and while he was making a sand castle in a small sand pile, she watched the show. She hears her son cry "mom" and when she turns around she finds a man stumbling through his creation. She scolds the man and tells him to watch out. He just stares at her chest (yes, she is one of the fortunate ones who is tiny and pretty and has a large natural bosom) ~ anyway this guy is just like "sorry" and moves on. My friend looks around and realizes people are staring and laughing at her because she just "scolded" the actor Vince Vaughn who had obviously been hanging out backstage with Willie if you get my drift.
So this friend runs to the other friend (lets call her Liza) who is with her boyfriend of 7 years and informs her that Vince Vaughn is "right over there". Well, Liza tells her boyfriend "he's the ONE", "you know ~ the one". Does every woman (and man) have a list or person who they fantasize about meeting and the significant other can't be mad if they have sex with them because they are "the one"? Well, Mr. Vaughn is at the top of Liza's list and she actually entertained the thought of running over to him and letting him know that he is "the one" so if he so desired she would pleasure him right then and there. I wish I could tell you that this story had a happy ending and Liza got to have sex with him but she chickened out and ole Vince returned backstage to visit the performers.
So this story got me thinking about my list, it had actually been the same for quite some time and I decided I needed to reevaluate it, so here is the new updated list:
1. Wolverine (yes, the character Wolverine. It can be Hugh Jackman but he has to be in costume)
2. Julian McMahon ~ I'm not so nuts about the Dr. Doom thing but he has been on "the list" since his days as Cole on Charmed. I'd also let him take his knife to me anyday as Dr. Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck too. HOT
3. Johnny Depp ~ hello! no explanation needed.
4. Angelina Jolie ~ I have not had sex with a woman before, but she is hot and I'd let her teach me a thing or two (after a few shots of tequila).
Until yesterday I would have had Jude Law on this list but I just watched Closer and I guess I just don't think he's all that hot anymore, sorry Jude.

So, who's on YOUR list.


PreppyGirl said...

Vince Vaughn is on my list too. Tall, funny and hot. My basic criteria for a guy.

Brendan Frasier - a little goofy but still wicked hot.

Hugh Jackman - the total package. He can dance, sing, act and yes, he's a hottie.

Kevin Costner - I know he's been around a while but his hotness level in Bull Durham is off the charts. Mmmm.

Paul Newman - even now... he's kinda hot. His hotness transcends time.

Sherri said...

My list is everchanging.

I do like Vince Vaughn...but I have a sneaking suspicion that he would be disappointing in real life.

I love, love, love, love Russell Crowe....and PreppyGirl and HippyChick know why!

I like the new Phantom....whatever the hell his name is...he was also in the last Lara Croft movie.

I guess that's about it. For now :)

Chimp Jones said...

Grrrrrawwwr.. If you do happen to spend a little time with Ms Jolie, erm...can I watch?

Chimp Jones said...

Ok my real list
Jodie Foster: Intelligent, talented women are HAWT!
Gillian Anderson: Need I say more?
Madeline Stowe: really have only seen her in "Last Of The Mohicans" but I was rather taken with her in said movie...