Friday, October 19, 2007

things i read in the paper today

so, we all now have to fear the "superbug". great. flesh eating infections and drug resistant viruses.

also, i didn't read this in today's paper but a few weeks ago: some kid who was swimming in Lake Havasu got a brain infection and died. Evidently this bacteria lives in warm, lake water. A family was playing in the water and one of the sons (I think he was around 13 years), got water too far up his nose. A week later he had a headache and died at the hospital from this incurable infection. The paper made it seem like this was a fairly common bacteria and several people a year die from this. CRAZINESS. I certainly wouldn't be tubing in that water!

Also in today's paper: some black dude was having a "sexual chocolate" and "sexual caramel" party and only light skinned black women were allowed in. He couldn't understand why that was offensive to people.

Evidently, the large Transformer Bumblebee ($99) is one of the hot MUST HAVE toys for Christmas this year. Also on the list: Hannah Montana doll with stage, laughing Elmo (back for a second year), Aquadots, and Barbie MP3 player. Get em while they're hot.

We have watched Transformers at least 5 times since it came out Tuesday. I finally let my neighbors borrow it so we wouldn't have to put it in again today. I'm sure we'll be looking for that Bumblebee toy for Christmas.

Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are playing a show locally this weekend. Tickets are available for $39 to $59 a pop. I'd consider going but I have a Body Shop party.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

what's new in la la land

it's 60 degrees in my house and monkey said "no" to turning on the heat. my fingers are c c cc cold. i can practically see my breath.

anyway, two days ago it was in the 90's.

this weekend starts my hectic schedule with Body Shop parties (9 total) and press checks and i'm only one month away from my trip to new york to see preppygirl and co.

time flies.

my son is still obsessed with the local pizza place that burned down. he mentions it at least once every single day and the place burned more than a month ago.

jude (to a random adult friend of mine at a store): joe's pizza place burned down

friend: yes, i heard that

jude: i'm going to be a fire fighter when i grow up

friend: you are? that is so great

jude: and i'm going to burn down a pizza place

i think i better change all the batteries in our smoke alarms.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

magic erasers

some time ago, i posted about how awesome the magic erasers are. i still think so even though i have gotten tons "warning" emails about how dangerous they are.

so, some woman let her CHILD use a magic eraser and this child rubbed it on his face. Seriously, what mother would let her child play with CLEANING PRODUCTS??? I don't think we need a million emails telling us "not to let our kids play with Magic Erasers." Most of the moms I know are smart enough to know that the "magic" ingredient in a cleaning product is going to be some kind of chemical.

I was taught at a very young age not to play with chemicals and as a mother I know to keep my cleaning products in a locked/secure place. I am teaching my kids to clean up, but they only get harmless soap and water.

Now this mom will probably sue and the prices will go up. Yeahhh, it's the American way. Hey, I think I might go digging around and find a product that does not have every conceivable warning on the side and then I'll misuse it and sue and make my fortune. Who cares if i'm mildly disfigured as long as I've got cash.