Wednesday, March 23, 2016

c2e2 2016

A few more random photos from the con.

Jace Plaianswalker (Magic the Gathering)

Steven Universe group

Stevonnie and Rose Quartz (Steven Universe)

Medusa, Crona, and Ragnarok (Soul Eater)

 Jude as Blu Engineer (TF2) posing with some Star Wars cosplayers

Mazzy and Brent as Crona and Ragnarok (Soul Eater)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016 C2E2 Soul Eater and TF2 cosplay

Spring Break 2016 was super fun. Mazzy and I spent a couple of months making costumes for the whole family and a last minute addition when her friend Brent asked to tag along. I begged him to dress as the Ragnarok to her Crona and it turned out great. I'll leave some comments under each picture with breakdowns of our costumes in case anyone stumbles on this post researching ideas.

On Sunday, half of us cosplayed Soul Eater characters
Medusa - I recycled the lab coat from last summers children's play where Jude was a professor. The stethoscope was easy because of Gab being a medic. The clipboard too. I found a black rubber snake in Jude's room. The dress was a simple black dress that I altered and then added the white fabric in the arrow details (fusible webbing ironed on and then stitched.) The wig I did purchase because I figured I could not style it and have it stay in the twist.

Eruka and Azusa were done by my friend who met us there.

Crona - I found a long black dress with a scoop neck. She already had the black boots. I dug through my scraps and found enough white fabric to cut the rectangles for the cuffs (both boot and sleeve).  We opted to wait until she was dressed and ready to go to attach the cuffs but had pre-painted the black lines (using painters tape and black acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium). I had the six black buttons, black thread, etc. with me at the hotel. I used sticky velcro circles on each cuff to hold it in place then sewed the buttons (three on each cuff). We just used a black sharpie and colored circles on the back side for the illusion. The boot cuffs were just tucked into the boot and folded over.
The collar was tough. I cut the four pieces and sewed them together to form the collar shape. I had to leave the front open because I didn't want to bother putting button holes. So we again waited and once it was on, I just sewed the buttons on and that held the front of the collar together.
We bought a cheap lavender wig and she cut and styled it. On the first day of the con, she bought a pair of pink contacts which made a huge difference and brought it all together.

Ragnarok - Since this was a last minute costume, it had to be quick and easy. I told Brent to wear black pants and black boots and a black hoodie. I found cheap white "marching band" style gloves and then I painted the black lines (again using painters tape and acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium). The spiky cuff bracelets were a last minute touch (he is also wearing a black studded belt around his shoulder which you can't see in this picture). I knew he wouldn't want to wear a full on mask the whole time (since he was playing in the Magic tournaments), so I repurposed a plastic "Jason" hockey mask. I used an old black t-shirt and hot glued it to the mask tucked under the backside. I cut out a styrofoam ball in half and used black electrical tape to make the "x" on the eyeballs (it didn't stick very well so I smeared it with E6000 glue). I cut the X shape from white felt and glued that on. I love how it really pops in the photos. He was able to just wear it up on top of the hood and pull it down when people asked for photos.

The guys did Blu Team TF2

I made the Engineer and the Medic - Pretty easy. Found the blue short sleeve shirt at a garage sale and added the engineer logo using the freezer paper stencil technique. Borrowed the bibs from my sister in law. The black doc martens are my old boots and he tucked his pants into them. I purchased the knee pads (in black) and then added the yellow detail using duck tape. The glove was my husbands work glove that i used silver duck tape for the details. Goggles were borrowed (easy to find in this steampunk era), he had the hard hat from one of his toy sets. I made the wrench from foam core board (cut the shape out twice and glued together so it was heavy duty). I had picked up some gold sparkly tape at an after Christmas sale super cheap so i covered it in that.

The Medic - Again, I had the Lab coat from past costumes so i dyed it in blue dye ( normally you don't want to dye synthetic fabric but this worked great because it faded the blue to just the right shade). I added the logo on his sleeves also using the freezer paper technique. I had planned on cutting and sewing it into the "mad professor" style (short in the front and double breasted) but ran out of time. Instead we just applied the six large black buttons down each side to give the illusion. Blue rubber gloves and he wore his medic pants and boots. He made the pack using a shoe box and 2liter bottle (covered in blue duck tape). The detail on top is several plastic lids glued together and painted silver. We used black suspenders to attach the whole thing (and gorilla tape to hold it together).