Wednesday, July 20, 2005

top 10

Top 10 reaons I know you aren't really looking for a job.
(I actually had this girl come into the flower shop/boutique where I work and ask if we were hiring)

10. You arrive at 3:30 in the afternoon.
9. You bring your boyfriend.
8. We recognize your boyfriend as someone who wrote us a bad check on Valentine's Day.
7. You are wearing a dirty tank top and cut off shorts.
6. You smell like pot.
5. You are smacking your gum in my face (and did I mention you smell like pot?).
4. You obviously haven't been to the dentist in oh say the last 10 years!
3. With the shirt you are wearing your tattoo of the tasmanian devil ripping a fart is clearly visible.
2.You ask if "Ken" is hiring (the owner's name is Kim)
1. You tell me you need to fill out an application to keep getting unemployment.


PreppyGirl said...

Classic. I usually get the mom's calling to ask for applications for their kids. This is way more hysterical.

Chimp Jones said...

I think this one applied where I work too. We get a lot of these. :(

Sherri said...

That's so funny. When I was a waitress in college people would come in all the time during the lunch rush and ask to fill out an application. They would always say that they were experienced. Any experienced server knows to come in between 2 and 4....duh!