Wednesday, July 06, 2005

In addition to... pun intended but I hate math. After writing that last post about the school cutting elective classes I got to thinking about math.
To graduate from our High School you now have to have 4 years of math credits. Are there really people who believe that you NEED to know trig and advanced algebra to survive in the "real world"? I really think that all the math you must know to lead a productive life should be learned by the time you are in Jr.High. All the advanced math classes that we are forced to learn should be electives and the Home Ec and Art classes should be mandatory. Afterall, the kids who are not good at math are not likely to pursue jobs that require advanced math knowledge. I think art is the most important class of all. Kids need to learn how to express themselves. A good art teacher can teach how to brainstorm and think outside of the box so that those skills can be used in any profession the student decides to pursue.
Math is so conformed and rigid. Actually, it's no wonder that is what these administrators want the kids to learn, why would they want free thinking teenagers running around their schools. Now, I am not saying we should do away with math. My hat's off to the math inclined of the world, I'm just saying advanced trig and calculus should not be forced onto the right brained teenagers of the world. I still, 15 years post graduation have math related nightmares remembering anxiety over tests and homework that I just couldn't "get".
You know how they used to tie kids left hands behind their back to discourage being left handed? Well, this math invasion reminds me of that only they force artistic, creative kids to learn difficult math problems while cutting all the art and music classes. I'd love to see how these "smart" kids would do if they had mandatory art classes ~ do we think their GPAs would drop?


Sherri said...

I am a proven Mathlete....that's right...I won the county wide math competition in 8th grade (and took Calculus in college). BUT....I completely agree with you where art and music are concerned. I think that children who learn how to express themselves become much more well-rounded individuals.

And music will actually make you better in math...did cha know that? :)

PreppyGirl said...

Ya... I'm a total math geek too (I actually took calc in high school sherri- ha! jk) - but I definitley agree that it takes a certain mind to take it in. Even being the geek I am, I hit a math "wall," if you will, in college. I'm still not sure why I'd need to calculate the area beneath a hyperbolic curve. But you'll get no arguments from me about cutting arts funding. It pays my bills!!!