Wednesday, January 30, 2008

first time for everything

i heard a thud and then crying. it was my three year old boy and his cry was unusual. it wasn't the fake cry he does when his sister has taken something from him. it wasn't his loud "i just hurt myself really bad" cry, and it wasn't his whining "i'm tired and everything is pissing me off cry".

instead it was a whimpering sort of catching his breath type of cry. i went into his room to see him holding his crotch and rocking back and forth while crying and saying "i hurt myself. i hurt myself".

i asked my daughter (who was standing next to the bed) what happened since it was obvious he could not articulate at that moment. she informed me that he was trying to climb over the end of the bed and one foot slipped and he fell onto the bed post. Hmmmm. so he racked himself.

my poor little baby boy, his first time injuring the "family jewels." I'm sure it won't be the last.

Monday, January 28, 2008

do this dance

so at the family birthday party for mazzy we had the usual crew. we did the singing of bday song, blowing out of candles and eating of cake. monkey's parents always make HOME MADE ice cream and it's always delish.

chimp was in the kitchen with "fem-monkey" and a few other people and they were playing with jude boy who was going a little crazy. He gets pretty worked up when he has an audience and LOVES his uncle chimp.
so jude starts doing some crab walk like dance and chimp says to him
chimp: that's pretty cool. what do you call that?
jude: oh, that's just the "itchy cock" dance.

i asked him the next day what that crazy dance was called again and he told me the "itchy poooodle". that's better.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

she's seven

my girl turned seven yesterday.



i made heart shaped cupcakes and piped on the frosting (lots of it). i took them to school for her and when i picked her up she said that the kids thought the cupcakes were "wickedly awesome."

we are having a party for her on saturday but let her open a few small items we got for her at Claire's.

one of her dolls has a sleep outfit and it came with a sleep mask. i have found her asleep in bed with this sleep mask on and it's cutting off circulation in her cheeks. So, we picked out a new sleep mask for her. Last night i went up to bed and checked on her as usual. she had fallen asleep in my bed so i went to move her to her room. when i pulled the covers back and she rolled over, i starting cracking up laughing because she had the new sleep mask on and it's got a realistic looking photo of a cat's eyes on it.
i tried to find a photo online of the exact one and can't find it. i'll take a picture of her tonight while she's sleeping. it's hilarious.

in other news:
it's FREEZING here. i think it was 8 below this morning. ugh. january sucks.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

disaster area

So, our town has been declared a disaster area. The photo shows our junior high school. Our house is about one block away from where the flood waters reached so we are pretty lucky (so far). We have some seepage in our basement but no standing water. Our sump pump is definitely getting a work out though.
My Aunt and cousin are staying with us because their basement is full (like clear to the ceiling full). They had a wall in the basement collapse and had to have their gas and electric turned off. My cousin just waded home to check things out and said she can now see in the basement because water has receded about six inches. Her freezer and washer and dryer are just floating around.
Monkey Brigade worked with the EMS yesterday helping evacuate people and hospice patients into the armory. That would suck. Then of course he had to go into work at 11pm, back to his class this morning. He's running on fumes.
A woman jumped off the Mill st. bridge into the river and was rescued about two miles up river. She was trying to commit suicide.
A classmate of mine was electrocuted (to death). Seems he was holding a drop cord and slipped into his flooded basement.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

..and a new one has begun

a rocking new years eve at our house this year. for the first time in awhile, i was actually still awake at midnight.
everyone else was snoring away and i watching a netflix movie that i have had for about two months. the Queen. i originally was disappointed because i thought i had rented the cate blanchette movie about the Queen and so i put if off and put it off.
i had seen enough of episodes of Americas Next Top Model marathon to last me for a few years so i popped in the movie.
it was interesting. i wonder if that is really how the royal family acts.....

i heard loud booms and saw the sky light up outside the living room window. yippee, it's a new year.

i have notoriously had very sucky new year's eves. i actually cannot remember one single new years that was as fun as they make it look on tv or in the movies. hmmmmm.

queue the wavy lines that signify memory flashback....
going back to the year i had just turned 14...i was at a party and when the clock struck midnight, this guy kissed me. it was my first "real" kiss and i was freaked out because he was really cute and about two years older than i was. i pulled away and he yelled at me "you ruined it!". oh the humiliation.

or how about the time i drove to chicago to hang out with my friends scott and karen. hell yeah, we were going out for new years eve in chicago. i was 22 i think. i was ready to meet some new people, make out (i wasn't afraid anymore) with some cute city boy, and party 'til dawn. SO, scott took us to some hotel with a bar. It was in Winnetka. Uhhhhh, not exactly what I had in mind. There were TWO people there sitting at the bar watching sports. We left and just decided to drive around until we found a club or something. For some reason, he didn't take us INTO the city, we went to some god awful dance club. It was the meat market Frat boy type of club and Scott was gay and I was very deep into my arty/hippie/weird girl phase. Karen didn't want to leave because she had picked up some dude so we were good sports and stayed. Finally, we talked her into leaving and we drove....and we drove.....and they smoked....and the smoked....and my contacts were drying out and they were singing that snoop dogg song "it's like this and like that and blah blah blah..." they played that fucking song over and over as we just kept driving until the sun came up and he realized that we were in Wisconsin.

there are more but i'm feeling nauseous from memories....

hope you all had fun times and rocking hang overs.