Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Captain Amy Morgan and the 5th Graders Unnamed Love Story

Okay my next trip up to the city was for a little play called "A 5th Graders Unnamed Love-Suicide".
I took my friends Amy and Allison, both were experiencing one of Jimmy's plays for the first time and neither knew what to expect. Like me at the Helen Project, they were in for a surprise.
So we drive up and we are on I55 getting close to Chicago and I notice a black trans-am darting in and out of traffic and I think to myself "watch out for that guy". I was in front of him and I look in my rear view mirror and see him drive right into a semi. The trans-am bounces to the left and spins out and goes into the median. Allison and Amy don't see this because they are looking forward and I calmly say "I think I just saw a bad accident, turn around". They turn around and see the immediate aftermath and we all sorta panic and wonder if we should call 911 or what. Allison gets on her cell and dials, the operator tells her she needs to call a different number for the area we were in and we are like what the fuck? Of course we are still driving north so we are now nowhere near the accident. She called like 3 or 4 numbers and finally we gave up and decided an ambulance was probably already there. We have no idea what ended up happening but it was scary to think if I'd been one car behind instead of in front.
Anyway, we arrive at the theater and of course have to go to Charmers ~ the greatest little art deco gay bar located right next to the theater. While we're there I try to explain to Allison and Amy about how small this theater is and what to expect. When it was time for the play, we walked over and purchased our tickets. We went into a small room with folding chairs arranged in a single row around the rectangular room. It was probably only about 6 feet from one side to the other. The actors come out and they are dressed like 4th graders. The play is about the death of one of the students named Johnny. He is killed by a handgun that goes off and everyone assumes it is a suicide. The other students perform a play that Johnny had written before he died. It is really kinda depressing but was really powerful in it's simplicity. I enjoyed it very much.
Half way through the play, during intermission Amy leans over and says to me "when do we go into the play?" I laughed my ass off. She thought the whole time (which at this point is almost an hour) that we were in the waiting room watching some "pre play" skit.
Thankfully after the play, Allison decided not to drink at all because she was a little sick so I got to enjoy myself and not be DD. I still wonder what happened to trans-am guy.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Folk Duo

I decided I'm going to learn how to play guitar and be in a folk duo with ChimpJones. This is just so we can sing the song "let the mystery be" by Iris Dement. It will most likely be the only song in our repertoire but it will be awesome. We are currently taking suggestions for names of our duo so anyone have any suggestions?