Friday, July 08, 2005

Depressing Movies

I stayed up late watching Saving Private Ryan last night. I normally don't like to watch these types of movies ~ since I've become a mother, it's just sometimes more emotion than I can bear.
I hadn't seen this movie since it first came out so I'd forgotten a lot of it. Like did you know Vin Disel was in? Paul Giamatti was in it too(of course no one knew who he was until American Splendor or Sideways).
My head was aching half way through the movie from the stress of watching it. Now, why would someone continue watching something that is so uncomfortable? I could not turn the TV off and just go to bed. I was trying to remember what happened in it and I really believed Tom Hank's character survived so I needed to stay up to make sure. "Oh shit! NO!" Tom's character freaking dies like 5 minutes before "help" arrives.
So what movies have you watched that are really just depressing and torture but you cannot stop watching?
Here are a few of mine:
A.I. (artifical intelligence) ~ damn that movie was freaking depressing.
My Girl ~ anytime a child dies in a movie I lose it. Plus then she expressed her love for her teacher and he broke her little heart. I was sobbing like a baby, I'm a dork.
Running On Empty ~ I absolutely love this movie but it is depressing, in part I think because River is dead and we'll never know what he could have become.

your turn...


Yoda said...

Oh, "Dances With Wolves" gets me every time. Makes me feel embarrassed to be white.

"21 Grams" Actually, that one's not so bad, since it's Sean Penn that dies. (Serves him right for doing the Celebrity Grandstand.)

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" You just defended yourself successfully against a thousand flying poisoned darts...oops, 999. I always loved you, you know, and I can say that now because there's no chance you're going to live, so I don't have to get over my inexplicable fear of committment by saying that.

"Seven Samurai" Why does the wisecracking guy always have to die? I mean...he was the funny one who played with the kids and carried a sword that was way too big for him, but are those reasons for him to die? What do you think, Dr. Freud? Okay, the wisecracking guy in "Saving Private Ryan" was the one guy that survived...aside from Ryan, of course. And that dweebie little coward who wanted to bring his typewriter into combat.

I actually liked all these movies, though, even if they are depressing. Sometimes, that's the feeling that I want...and it's healthier than blowing through a tub of Dulce de Leche.


princess slea said...

yoda ~ i love Dances With Wolves. Whenever people make fun of Kevin Costner, I always remind them of that movie. It's like "what have you done for me lately?". Personally I think that one movie is enough to cover the few duds (maybe I'm biased because I happen to be very sexually attracted to him).
I own Crouching Tiger but have to admit I haven't watched it yet. I am very annoyed by the fact that whenever the fight scenes are on ~ the tv is really loud and whenever they are talking you can barely hear it. It seemed to be really bad for that movie so I took it out and haven't given it another chance.
Seven Samurai and 21 Grams are both in my netflix queue. With the little ones, it is very difficult to find time to watch "grown up" movies. The only way I was able to watch Saving Private Ryan was because it was on at 10:00 pm.

SG said...

Running on Empty is my favorite movie ever.

Have to recommend (not) Sweet November as well.

Sometimes you just can't look away- and it might be what your heart needs at the time.

Chimp Jones said...

Mystic River: A great piece of moviemaking but holllleeeee CRAP is it depressing. Tim Robbins gets killed by his friend for doing something he didn't do and had been kidnapped and sexually abused as a kid. Excuse me I must lie in the dark basement and muse on the futility of all existence.