Sunday, July 03, 2005


I'm going to keep a running list of stupid things people have said to me.

At my former job I was asked by someone if I could enlarge a ruler for him so he could see the numbers easier. He actually wanted to use a blown up ruler to measure things with. Duh. Even after I explained to him why this wouldn't work, he didn't get it.

At that same job, I was giving one of my co workers a hard time for throwing his can into the garbage instead of walking 5 feet and putting it into the recycle bin. This ding dong airhead who was standing near me said "yeah, recycle a can and save a tree".
The same girl another day: She had just come into work and when someone asked her if it was raining out yet, she said "no, it's just sprinkling really hard". I am not making this up folks, and if you are trying to picture her in your head ~ yes she is a bleach blonde with tiny waist and big boobs.

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