Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Real Life
spent the day sorting and cleaning out all the junk from my attic. my seven year old was happy because she made a haul. i tossed her several of my old sketch books, a pack of colored pencils, some reference books with animals, and a new in box keroppi the frog diary and wallet.

jude didn't fair quite as well, he only came out of the day with a Batman lunchbox that i had packed away.

i am not even close to having it all sorted out, i'll tackle the rest today and get my garage cleaned out next for my sale next weekend.

i also got my daughter's new fan/light combo hung up in her room (a half finished project from weeks ago). i hung up two shelves that i had found in the attic, one looks great in the boy's room for his favorite cars and hooks for his rubber snake.

Reality TV
I had to stop cleaning at 7pm to watch the big American Idol finale. What a disappointment. The whole boxing comparison was so cheesy and it made David Cook look like an ass (you could tell he was not comfortable with it). David A on the other hand looked perfectly happy to play along.

first song: Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, obviously it's a great song but David C is put at a big disadvantage when they give David A, Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me. I mean come on, that is a BIG song with a BIG payoff. The U2 song is a beautiful song but a much better choice would have been One, it's a bigger song with more power to it.
Now, David A's version of Sun was not even in the same ballpark as Clay Aiken's. I had to go and look it up on YouTube and watched it twice I liked it so much.

My vote for Round One? Clay Aiken

second song: WTF? make them sing the SAME song. DC could have sang the shit out of that ballad but do you think DA could have sang the "rock" song? no way.
Randy says that DA could "sing the phone book" at pretty much every judging, get a new line Randy. He could sing the phone book and you WOULD praise him because the show is rigged.

My vote for Round Two? nobody wins, those songs were cheese

third song: Oh David Cook...I have to agree with simon...wrong song (though a beautiful song) for this point in the competition. You didn't have to sing Billie Jean or Hello but another song with that kind of punch would have been better. David A....why does everyone think this version of Imagine is so great?? I don't get it, I don't like the runs (and joooiiiiinnnnn uuuuisssss) and the tone of his voice is kind of "tinny" not full and passionate as this song should be.

My vote for Round Three: David Cook.

and now....i've got to go watch some more clay aiken AI vids. ;)


Shannon said...

I absolutely completely agree that they should have the same song - at least for two rounds - one rock song and one ballad - then they could have chosen their own. I honestly don't know what's gonna happen. Either Simon swayed everyone to vote for Archuleta by saying he won the night or he swayed everyone to get scared enough to vote for Cook by saying Archuleta won the night. We'll find out tonight - and Darn, Colby has a baseball game. Thank goodness for DVR!!!

Mimi said...

They should have been both made to sing the David and David song, "Welcome To The Boomtown". I think one of those original Davids (who sang "Welcome To The Boomtown") wrote and performed on Sheryl Crow's first hit album. Then she royally boned him and the rest of the band over by dumping everyone. Ass. Simon can suck the big one as far as I'm concerned. He doesn't know shit about what makes a star. I'm serious.

Mimi said...

P.S. I started watching Top Chef because of your blog. Thank you for taking away another hour from my laundry night (sarcarstically she typed)! Seriously, I am in love with this show. Thanks;}

princess slea said...

mimi, sorry to have contributed to your laundry pile-up. Tonight's Top Chef is "restaurant wars", two teams have to create a name, concept, decor, and menu for their own restaurants.

PreppyGirl said...

I have to agree about Clay Aiken. Talk about someone who got robbed! But hey, his career is bigger than Reuben Studdard's...

I am jealous about your attic. Yay you!

Lee said...

Not sure if I can mention this or not by my Daughter just finished a five week shoot for MTVs MADE. It is supposed to air in July.

Reality all around.

princess slea said...

wow lee, that is cool. what did your daughter get "made" into? i'm glad you didn't say she was on Sweet16.