Monday, May 05, 2008

holy moly paul showed up

what a surprise i had yesterday when my long lost friend showed up at my house out of the blue.

i went to high school with paul, we worked together at a shitty video store with a tyrant of a boss. then we went to art school together and had some great times.

paul is the kind of friend you love to hang out with because he laughs so full and hearty that it's contagious. you won't even have a clue what he is laughing at but you'll start laughing just watching him. it's awesome.
he had this tom cruise from the 80's thing going so the girls all fell madly in love with him. i tried making out with him once (okay, maybe twice) but it just didn't feel right, he is definitely more like a brother to me.

paul is the originator of such words as "infurious" as in "Preppygirl, you make me feel so infurious." we still use that word today in our little circle.

i last saw paul at my wedding almost 10 years ago and spoke to him on the phone about 2 years ago. i mailed he and his wife a christmas card that was returned so i thought he was lost for good.

so yesterday everyone was outside playing with the kids and doing yardwork, i went inside for something and my mom comes in and says "guess who's here? your long lost friend whom I love." well i said "it must be paul" because my mom has always adored him. paul was in town visiting his dad who was in town visiting his relatives (his dad currently lives in Pa.)

i brought paul inside and showed him my version of the refridgerator song. he and Mr. Social were the first to perform that little number back in college. he laughed at garypetersjr's videos and we called preppygirl so he could say "hello".

it was a great surprise.


PreppyGirl said...

Cheese & Crackers! - It's Paul!

Stinkypaw said...

reads like a good friend was found, yay!