Tuesday, June 03, 2008

toothless, braless, garage sale

it's june again and the heat is here. it made it into the 90's yesterday. i'm not complaining about that (yet) though because it's been so cold here all "Spring."

my mom, neighbor, and i had a garage sale this past weekend. i sold a lot of crap...i mean...really great stuff. i cleared out some space in my garage, basement, attic, and closets and that feels good. i'm not crazy about getting ready for a garage sale but i actually enjoy having the sale itself. socializing and chatting with people all day, friends stop by because they see me sitting outside. donuts.
you also get the crazies. this year a toothless, braless woman purchased my mom's lounge chair (the patio chair that reclines) and then she bought a small table because that "would go perfect with it." she paid $6 for both items and carried it off to the end of my driveway where she had her BICYCLE waiting. her bike had one of those kit carriers attached to it and she pulled out some chains and rigged that table and chair up onto her bike and rode off.

my neighbor's husband sat with us for awhile and chatted. he was highly entertained by all the "lovely" ladies that a garage sale brings out. braless, toothless, dirty, scabby, sausage rolls, and yes, even one lady wearing an all crocheted petticoat and matching beanie hat.

we packed up and had a cookout. i played some after dark hide and seek with all the kids and that was lots of fun. when i came inside, i got drunk dialed by preppygirl. she and galoot were in cleveland with her brother and a friend to see kids in the hall. i told galoot that i was the coolest mom on the block (for playing hide and seek) and he informed me that preppygirl was the coolest mom on his cock. Niiiice.


Shannon said...

Sounds like my kind of sale!!! I love people watching. A couple weeks ago, my sisses-in-law(?) and I went to Harrah's and I didn't even put one dollar into a machine. I just got drunk and watched everyone else feeding the machines. It was a blast, the best thing I saw all night was when a drunk girl that thought she was hot (she was cute, I'll giver her that) was dancing all over this guy that wanted nothing to do with her and the padding in her bra had slipped almost all the way out and she was dancing with her arms up all sexy! It was freakin' hilarious!!!!! You probably had to be there though:)

Julia said...

Your blog makes it hard for me to have a conversation with Galoot and PreppyGirl and look them in the eye without laughing. I suppose it's a good thing I'm short and it's already hard to look them in the eye.

Galoot said...

In her defense, PGirl was sitting on a rubber chicken at the time. My rubber chicken. Julia, you'll soon be in the inner circle and will know all of our depraved secrets. In the hotel suite we stayed in, there was an extra room that had no discernible purpose. Viking, Mr. Social and I used it to take some pictures which have yet to be posted.

Stinkypaw said...

Reads like a fun day! And what better way to end a garage sale then with a cookout & after dark hide & seek! If you're not the coolest mom it must be because you weren't braless, toothless! Or were you?!

PreppyGirl said...

Galoot doesn't remember saying that (not outloud at least). I did hear him saying it as he passed me the phone. You shoulda been there!

Sounds like you had a productive day!