Sunday, May 18, 2008

Doors and Strippers and Aching Legs...oh my!

random experiences over the last few days:

The Door
My artsy friends are doing a project with our downtown development group. They asked me to design a Door (kind of like the cow thing). Each artist is going to design a door and they'll be hung up next to the lamp posts downtown. I went garage sale-ing and found a cool old door for $2 so now i have to complete my concept and execute in the next two weeks. I'll post pictures when they are done.
My concept is "knock knock jokes" SO, i am looking for some jokes, leave your fav. joke in my comments and it may make it onto my piece.

The Stripper
had an interesting Body Shop party. a group of nurses wanted to have a foot fun party along with a birthday party for one of their friends. i had about 16 women soaking their feet and doing shots. just as i finished my portion of the party they shut the lights out and and the police sirens whistled.

this young spiky haired guy comes in spouting corny stripper jokes about getting wet and finding some "crack" in her (the birthday girl) backside. he proceeded to "search" her with his flashlight and then did some kind of wheel barrow move on her. I need to say that these women are not young little co-eds, we are talking about soccer moms.

i finished up my paperwork and packed up and snuck out the back door before he got to me (he was going around to all the party guests and giving them each their own little dance....uh....i don't really need to be given a ride on party boy. one of the ladies still there happens to be an EMT with my husband, she told him the next day that i missed the "best" part when he got totally naked. According to sharon, he was very well endowed. UH, that was obvious from the banana hammock actually.

Aching Legs!
Saturday morning I got up early to go with my sister in law for a fundraiser walk. We were walking for the Champions for Children, (the Children's Advocacy Centers of Illinois). The walk was 10 miles and started in downtown Bloomington and we walked all the way to Towanda (I know that doesn't mean much to many of you but trust me, it's impressive that I made it the whole way in 3 hours).
It was technically 10.8 miles and by about the 7th mile, my legs were aching and my will to continue was waning. We were on old Rt 66 for most of this walk so there were no bathrooms or breaks. One of the guys I was walking with (who was from Chicago area) said "oh we are walking on the frontage road most of the way." Gulp, frontage road?? I had to laugh because around here the Mother Road is celebrated all summer long.
Anyway, Kathy and I finished up the walk and met up with the rest of the family at a mexican restaurant for an anniversary dinner for Monkey's parents. We were ready for some cold beers and some FOOD.

This morning I could barely move my legs. Yowza! Give me some advil and a massage.


Anonymous said...

Knock-knock,who's there, OLIVE, olive who?- I love you!

Way to go on the walk!


J. Hi said...

I stole this one from 'Top Chef' but my 7 year old has been having a great time with it.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Smell mop
Smell mop who?
Eeeew, I don't want to smell your poo!

Can't wait until toight!
Go David C.!

PreppyGirl said...

...who's there?
Dwayne the tub I'm dwowning.

...who's there?
Amos who?
Amosquito bit me!

...who's there?
Don who?
Not Don who Don Ho!
Tiny Bubbles...

Yeah, okay, I made that last one up when I was about 10.

Stinkypaw said...

Congrats on the walk, 10.8 miles on ashphalt is hard!

and sorry, I'm really lame, don't really know any Knock, knock jokes...:-(