Wednesday, April 30, 2008

diamond when it's rough

okay, i'm going to post about american idol like it really matters. my love for all things neil diamond dictates that i say something.
i don't care what anyone says, neil diamond is the shit.

i remember when i was really little and my mom went to see Johnathan Livingston Seagull and came home with the record. I loved it. I still love it.

I remember in my tormented college days being heartbroken and driving around blasting "Love on the Rocks". I hid the cassette when I picked up my friend Lee and he saw and it was like "fuck yeah, I love Neil Diamond."

Just a couple of years ago, Galoot and I sang a moving rendition (if I do say so myself) of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers."....i remember all the things you taught me. i learned how to laugh and i learned how to cry...well you think i could learn how to

As for last night's performances:
David Cook: decent, he's the only one i really enjoy watching anyway. i would have liked to see him do "girl, you'll be a woman soon." think the kids would have recognized it from Pulp Fiction.

Jason Castro: I actually thought "Forever in Blue Jeans" was perfect for him. It was a little low key but that is his style. Sept. Morn was not a good choice. He should have sang "The Story of My Life" or possibly "Red Red Wine."

Syesha: not my style.

Brook: i was really pulling for her but wtf? why would she "i'm a believer"? also, bad decision to change the lyrics from New York city born to Arizona (sorry Neil, don't think you thought that one through). "I am I said" is an amazing song, she did okay on that one. She's very Carole Kingish. Instead of believer she should have sang "BE" although it's on par with "I am I said."

David Archwhatever: I wanted to come through the television and punch him in the face. That arrangement of Sweet Caroline was a travesty. That song should make everyone want to get up and sing at the top of their lungs along with you. By contrast, Coming to America was the only song he could possibly sing (maybe he could have chosen that E.T. song). Most of Neil's songs are sexual and have a maturity that this kid is not capable of portraying.


Shannon said...

I agree with you. I thought Jason could have done a better job at "Forever in Blue Jeans" but that's just him. I wonder if he secretly wants to go home? I don't know what they're singing next week, but I was thinking, it'd be really cool if Jason sung "The Joker" by The Steve Miller Band.

I heart David Cook. He's my fav, but I sorta hope he doesn't win because I think he'll be better off if he doesn't like Chris Daughtry.

I cannot stand Brooke and I did a little dance of joy when she was booted off. I don't know why, I just don't like her. I think she's sort of cocky to Simon and I just don't like her attitude.

David A is good, we all know that, but I'm not sure pop is the correct genre for him. He needs to do the Broadway stuff and he always looks scared, like his dad's gonna whip him or something if he doesn't do a good job.

I thought Syesha did a great job on her second song and I really thought her hair looked pretty like that, but either she or Jason will probably be next.

OK, I posted too much in your comments, so I'm copying this to my blog too, OK?

Galoot said...

A deliberate misquote from my good college friend, Skippy:
"..been traveling far. Without a home." In a beat up car.

I can't stand the "Idol". How many kids are watching this show thinking that Simon Cowell's and a bunch of phone callers' votes makes a person a professional singer? If we got them all together we could help them pull their heads out of their asses, but the amount of shit that would come out could drown the earth.

flyingvan said...

I tend to agree. One of the coolest things about entertainment industry is what it took to get 'there', and this seems like a shortcut. Lots of people have the pipes; it that 'something else' that makes them a real performer... You like Neil Diamond? You have to get a 'Superdiamond' CD. They might be a local band since they play lots of venues nearby...awesome.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I love Neil. I listen to You Don't Bring Me Flowers all the time and sing all the Barbara Stiesand parts like he's really singing to me.

I may have just shared too much about myself.

J. Hi said...

I love to discuss AI. I was very excited about Neil Diamond night too. He was one of my first concerts ever. I played the soundtrack to 'The Jazz Singer' endlessly when I was young. Anyway, I was disappointed in most all of their performances except David Cook. I love him and hope he wins. I am glad Brooke is finally gone. And I am very weary of David A.--boring. I like Jason, he's not great but there is just something about him. :)