Thursday, April 03, 2008

top chef

okay, so even after my tipsy phone calls, i managed to stay up and watch the repeat of Top Chef.

i missed the quickfire though....i'm sure it will be on bravo sometime this week.

the elimination challenge was food that tied into a movie. because they had guest judge Richard Roper (chicago movie critic).

i was surprised by the willy wonka food. they said it was really good but i would have thought more whimsical and a lot more chocolate but at least they played up the "fizzy lifting drink."

i thought of preppygirl when the one team did A Christmas Story. chinese christmas dinner.

I really thought that most of the teams chose odd movies and the link from their food to the movie was weak (i mean, really, making beef and saying it was inspired by Top Secret??). It got me to thinking about what movie I would do and I have a list:

1. my first thought was Under the Tuscan Sun and I would make some kind of olive dish
2. Silence of the Lambs: duh..Lamb and favre beans
3. Lady & the Tramp: spaghetti and meatballs (too corny?)
4. Ratatouille
5. Soylent Green (could be a pesto sauce of some sort) would be funny to plate it with different shapes of pasta to make a person.

care to add any to the list?

btw. the dude who packed his knives has so far been pretty forgettable so no surprise that he got Das Boot.


flyingvan said...

After watching 'Spirited Away' my kids had to try Cha su bo, (kind of a pork filled steamed dumpling like Chihiro eats) Now they are hooked. OK how 'bout 'Repo Man' where he eats a can of generic 'food'? I wanted to say 'Babette's Feast' but it's too obvious. I am no longer obviousman.

princess slea said...

spirited away...good call. they could have made a "magic" pill to go with it (from the spirit that sin pulled a thorn out of in the spa). i'm thinking some kind of truffle.

have your kids watched Nausicaa? that is one of my daughter's favs. she watches that one over and over.

PreppyGirl said...

Are those Brett Favre beans?