Wednesday, April 30, 2008

what i think about...

the polygamist compound in texas:
i was blown away when my step father said that he did not think the government should have gone in and taken the kids and that they especially should not have the right to take their dna.
i think it's about time someone did something to help those children. it's one thing to say that they are being brainwashed about their religion (because really, aren't we all?) but those kids were being abused. they HAD to take their dna because everyone was lying about who's kids were whose. total craziness. like really..crazy people.
could you even imagine forcing your child to marry a man as old as her grandfather when she is just barely a teenager? who in their right mind could agree with that? i also watched a program where they said that there are many (like hundreds) of babies who die each year in those compounds because of incest and that they are just discarded without funeral or care. so sad for the babies and so sad for the children who bear them.

i am not however completely against polygamy. i'm not certain that i personally could live in a multiple marriage (because i could never SERVE and take orders from any one person) but i can see the appeal of having more than one mom and wife.

Muslim woman (defendant) suing judge who ordered her to remove her veil in court:
general law trumps religious laws. sorry about your luck lady, if your religion is that important to you then move somewhere that does not have laws that conflict with your religious beliefs. i feel the same about pretty much all of those "politically correct" lawsuits. again. general law trumps religious laws. they can't create a different set of laws for every person and what they believe. some people believe in human sacrifice as part of their religion...are we going to create a new set of rules for them?

Reverand Wright:
wow, hope all of you who were arguing with me about him can now see that he really is a hateful man. he said that what barack was doing was "just politics." isn't baracks entire campaign about him not being a typical politician? woah, he pissed off obama. hilarious. it's like wright didn't like being dissed and had to have the last word or something. his ego was wounded. i guess the chickens are coming home to roost. (seriously, what does that mean anyway? why is it bad to have your chickens come home?)

price of gas:
holy shit! it took $90 to fill my tank last week. it's like having a freaking boat! i'm so glad that the weather is getting nice and we can get out the bikes and start walking again.


monkeybrigade said...

The Wrong Reverend Wright was quoted as saying that "Come November 5th if Obama wins the presidency I will be the first in line to come after Obama." He said that it's not that he doesn't like Barack as a person but that he will be leading the government that oppresses all blacks and that makes Obama a villian.

Galoot said...

Wright's a funny dude. And quite possibly insane. Or maybe he's like Ann Coulter, saying a bunch of crap to incite people. Whatever the case may be, I could give two poops about his connection to Obama. Gas prices suck.

Galoot said...

For clarification, a lot of local talk radio guests are trying to discount Obama because of Wright. Still! Hey folks, here's a bat, there's the dead horse. Go to town!

flyingvan said...

The polygamists---I'm a bit skeptical of the religious nature of their intent. It's either a God-blessed family, or using faith to justify pedophilia. Where are the old men screaming to get their families back? If anyone messed with my family, I wouldn't be hiding my face when the cameras came by---I'd be yelling for justice.
I DO care about the association between Wright and Obama. Obama used to describe him as a father figure, and was exposed to that vitriol for years. When he says he had no idea Wright held those views, come on....He'd have to have a pretty solid platform involving specifics for me to look past all that (not that McCain or Hillary have been very specific...)

Galoot said...

I'm with you on Obama getting more specific on his platform. Though Hillary was exposed to Bill's infidelity for several years, so that may have rubbed off on her. I wonder if she's ever denied something that came out to be true? Also, McCain was part of a big savings and loan scandal, so that experience might cause me to distrust his ethics. Come to think of it, a priest who taught me in Catholic school had some pretty strong opinions about abortion. Who knows what I'm going to do with that? I seriously don't have a candidate that I can back now. But putting up this Wright-Obama connection in the forefront? Give me a break.

Galoot said...

My stepfather (whose views I've listened to for over 25 years and whose roof I lived under for 5-10 years - give or take) is a Republican. My mother has been one for a while too. So, if I ever run for a Democratic office, this should be brought up against me, right? Clinton and McCain probably have never been influenced by people who have harsh, divisive opinions about society. Or maybe those influences aren't media whores and we haven't found video of them we could play over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over...

princess slea said...

obama himself is the one who made a big deal out of his relationship with wright.
obama is the one billing himself as this candidate who is somehow above all of this "politics as usual". he's painted himself as this man who is pristine.
it's difficult to comment on anything else with obama because he hasn't really SAID anything else.

but seriously...what's your plan?

Anonymous said...

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