Friday, October 19, 2007

things i read in the paper today

so, we all now have to fear the "superbug". great. flesh eating infections and drug resistant viruses.

also, i didn't read this in today's paper but a few weeks ago: some kid who was swimming in Lake Havasu got a brain infection and died. Evidently this bacteria lives in warm, lake water. A family was playing in the water and one of the sons (I think he was around 13 years), got water too far up his nose. A week later he had a headache and died at the hospital from this incurable infection. The paper made it seem like this was a fairly common bacteria and several people a year die from this. CRAZINESS. I certainly wouldn't be tubing in that water!

Also in today's paper: some black dude was having a "sexual chocolate" and "sexual caramel" party and only light skinned black women were allowed in. He couldn't understand why that was offensive to people.

Evidently, the large Transformer Bumblebee ($99) is one of the hot MUST HAVE toys for Christmas this year. Also on the list: Hannah Montana doll with stage, laughing Elmo (back for a second year), Aquadots, and Barbie MP3 player. Get em while they're hot.

We have watched Transformers at least 5 times since it came out Tuesday. I finally let my neighbors borrow it so we wouldn't have to put it in again today. I'm sure we'll be looking for that Bumblebee toy for Christmas.

Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are playing a show locally this weekend. Tickets are available for $39 to $59 a pop. I'd consider going but I have a Body Shop party.


Stinkypaw said...

That doesn't read like there was anything common about that bacteria that killed that kid. Scary when you think of it!

That show with Dylan & Costello must have been something and the price was good. Hope you had a good party!

princess slea said...

it said that the bacteria is common in that lake but in order for it to kill a person it has to be shot way up the nose to reach the brain. SO, the person has to be in the exact spot where the bacteria are (i guess they are in a film on the water or something) and then the person has to dive or jump in and have the water forcibly pushed up the nose). Still sounds like a big risk to me.

The father of that boy said his family will NEVER swim in that lake again. Personally, I'll never swim in it either.