Thursday, October 11, 2007

what's new in la la land

it's 60 degrees in my house and monkey said "no" to turning on the heat. my fingers are c c cc cold. i can practically see my breath.

anyway, two days ago it was in the 90's.

this weekend starts my hectic schedule with Body Shop parties (9 total) and press checks and i'm only one month away from my trip to new york to see preppygirl and co.

time flies.

my son is still obsessed with the local pizza place that burned down. he mentions it at least once every single day and the place burned more than a month ago.

jude (to a random adult friend of mine at a store): joe's pizza place burned down

friend: yes, i heard that

jude: i'm going to be a fire fighter when i grow up

friend: you are? that is so great

jude: and i'm going to burn down a pizza place

i think i better change all the batteries in our smoke alarms.


3carnations said...

My son wants to be a firefighter, too, but he's not interested in burning places. He wants to drive the fire truck, put out fires, and save cats in trees. :)

Stinkypaw said...

We had the same kind of weather change form hot to cold, no transition period as such!

Time does fly, and it "might" be a good idea to change those batteries... just in case... ;-)

PreppyGirl said...

Same crazy weather here. I'm sure it'll be nice and cold by the time you get here. It's pretty cold in our house too... but with that new fireplace, it heats up quickly - nice.

Pete is definitely on the same wavelength as Jude with the Firefighter thing. Not a day goes by that he doesn't mention something about a firefighter, or puts on his Halloween costume from last year. He also wants to know if Jude can come to his birthday party :(

See ya soon - but not soon enough...

princess slea said...

i have since turned on the heat to 65 degrees, it keeps the chill out.