Wednesday, November 14, 2007

not afraid to admit i poop

i recently spent a few days visiting galoot and preppygirl (and the other jamestonian bloggers).

i had a body shop booth at the local fair (which is awesome, wish we had one around here that big). well, I had to poo while I was manning my booth.

I sought the "out of the way" potty. I flushed but it remained. I won't go into great detail of the item itself but it would not flush. TEN times I flushed and it refused to go down. I was forced to leave it. Seriously, how long could I stand there before someone came in and realized it was mine.
(A funny episode of Extras had Andy's manager attempting to use a whisk.)

I went wandering and some local hair salon was there and they wanted me to sit down and they were going to "rock out" my hair. Whatev, there was mention of a faux hawk which I actually would have liked but the guy was just putting stuff in my hair and standing it straight up. I had to go back to the bathroom to see what he had done and could not resist checking the stall with the unflushable turd.

Of course it was still there. I gave it one more flush and down it went. I was relieved.

Later that night at the Wine Celler while recounting this story to my girlfriends, I had made the comment that I should have taken a photo with my new digital camera. This led to my coffee table book idea "Crapbooking" (mr. social later suggested Volume Number Two). I said the subtitle could be "people really do buy all kinds of shit." Or possibly, "you can never have too much shit"

at any rate...i am a girl. i do poop. occasionally i clog a toilet. i may need a support group.


Julia said...

Who knew you had such potty-humor?

Speaking of bathrooms, I OD-ed on grapefruit Body Shop products Monday when I showered. God bless citrus-scented products.

princess slea said...

i used grapefruit body butter on my kids when i got them out of the tub last night. they were soft and smelled delicious for school this morning.

Stinkypaw said...

I may need a support group, or maybe I should say "unclog group", as well.

Couldn't help to think "All that, and she craps too!" ;-)