Friday, September 05, 2008

misaligned planets

it's been a weird week. i keep telling people the planets must be out of whack because things just seem strange to me.

wednesday morning i got a phone call telling me that one of my brother's closest friends had shot himself in the head after an argument with his ex-wife. it upset me because this guy is really kind hearted and i know he has made some bad decisions but i like him. i did find out later that evening that he survived, he shot himself straight up through the chin and while he still has a rough road to recovery, he didn't have brain damage at least.

guns...i've never been a fan of them but have also never been a strong anti-gun person either. i grew up in the midwest, my dad was a hunter, my brother a hunter, uncles, etc.
my brother is "gun happy" and always has been though. It really is a wonder he didn't shoot something or someone (like me) when he was a teenager. He has an AK47 in his bedroom, about two years ago he made me shoot it off his back deck into the pond. I did not enjoy it. I can't help but think, if this guy had not had a gun handy, he would have just gotten pissed drunk and passed out. Of course, as Chimp pointed out, he could have walked in front of a train too.

I've been working out with a personal trainer. It's been two weeks (three days a week, so I guess it's really only been six sessions) and I really feel stronger and tighter. The scale has fluctuated between down 4lbs and the same as when I started, what is up with that? I sweat my butt off every workout, interval training, circuit training, and boxing (which i am loving). I just got finished with today's session and my arms are feeling weak after some bench presses and other upper body stuff.

It's rainy and chilly today. Too dreary for this time of year, seems more like late October. Blah.


Stinkypaw said...

Sorry about your friend. Guns are not really the issue, it's more the people who use them. When someone wants to die they find a way. That much I know.

Good for you on the training! You do know that muscles weigh more than fat, so give it time... and keep at it!

flyingvan said...

So you don't like guns, but you're trying to build your 'guns'. I have to admit I've never once been on a call where someone was defending their house from a bad guy with a gun, but I've been on plenty of heat of the moment domestic dispute shootings, and plenty of 'cleaning it and it went off' calls. I do believe guns are necessary to keep the powers that be in check. I have a very heavy 12 ga. (same one we used in SWAT academy) in pieces under the house in its original box. Hopefully I'll never have a reason to put it together. I don't think in general a home is safer with a gun in the house

Chimp said...

I'd have to agree with flyingvan "I don't think in general a home is safer with a gun in the house" I know this is an unpopular opinion but I honestly think that nobody ought to have the right to keep a gun in their house. Statistics show that you are more likely to be killed during a home invasion IF you have your own gun. The times when Americans NEEDED guns (when the constitution was being framed)to protect against imminent invaision, are long past. Firearms (specifically handguns) should largely be the province of law enforcement and the military. Oh and hunters, you may have your hunting weapons but you need to keep them in a secure area in a registered hunting club not at your house.Oh and AK47s? Those are designed for one purpose only: To kill people and I don't know about you but I rather frown on that.
Hope Brian's friend makes good progress. I am glad he survived.

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