Sunday, August 24, 2008

what i learned in Reno and then some

1. flying over Salt Lake is amazing. the swirling agate patterns in the Earth were unexpected and I had to google it to see what I was looking at. A five year drought and salt flats. Hmmmm.

2. Reno is not as beautiful as Lake Tahoe.

3. Mineral make up is the best. (of course I recommend the Body Shop's version).

4. I have some ability with a golf club.

5. I can run up the down escalators without stopping or falling.

6. I still know how to bowl.

7. The air in Reno definitely messes with your head and body. There is no way five beers should have made me act like that.

and then some:

1. your blood sugar should be around 4 to 6 on the scale. if they say it's 14.1 then you are in bad shape.

2. it's a honking sort of day (my four year old declared).

3. an arched window with sunburst pattern looks much better than a plastic sheet stapled in place.

4. facebook is addicting


Stinkypaw said...

You are "multi" talented, and an addict... nice! ;-)

Shannon said...

Wow, it's nice to go to other cities and learn things, huh? I agree - it is a honking sort of day and I think the air in lots of places in and around St. Louis messes with your head too. I never feel that the amount of alcohol I consume should be enough to make me act the way I do:)