Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i have a dream...

my four year old son told me his dream the other night:

the boy: mom, i dreamed i was mustard last night.

me: what did you do as mustard?

the boy: someone squeezed me onto a hotdog and ate my whole body.

me: ouch, did that hurt?

the boy: nope they ate me up and then i was just invisible.

someone once told me that Freud said when you dream about eating mustard you are dreaming about eating your own shit. we used to laugh anytime someone wanted to eat mustard and say "you know what Freud says about mustard?"
i just looked it up and can't find anything about Freud saying that but they say mustard dreams are related financial stuff. hmmm

i think the boy just had a hot dog for lunch that day.


3carnations said...

The season premiere of The Office prompted me to pop over to Preppy Girl's Place to say hi...Well, I tried to pop over there - Her blog is private now. Please tell her I said hello, and hope everything is well with her! :)

princess slea said...

i will tell her, she doesn't do much on her blog anymore but had to make it private because she thought "the man" was reading it.

3carnations said...

I knew she hadn't been blogging much. I would have made mine private, too if I thought "the man" (or "the men") were reading it. I try to be exceedingly vague, so hopefully that's not a concern for me. :)

PreppyGirl said...

Hi 3C - I'm doing well. I was actually afraid my mother-in-law was reading it. I didn't talk about her much... but I'm pretty sure I had complained about something with regards to her at one point or another. I kinda freaked about it one day and passworded the dang thing. I haven't blogged in months. Oy vey. I hope things are well with you too.

Princess - I seem to remember hearing something about the mustard too. Urban legend?

3carnations said...

I had a whole bunch of hits from my hometown on my old ebloggy blog, so I passworded that. It's not like anyone goes there anyway!