Monday, July 28, 2008

foreign exchange program

so stinkypaw has started this food swap. a few of us were invited to participate (the few, the brave, the lovers of snacks, candy, and comfort food).
the idea is to send her sweet treats or some other comfort food that can only be found in our particular area.
i struggled a bit at first because the only things i was coming up with were items that would be impossible to ship to canada. my ideas that got shot down.

Culvers. A fast food chain in the midwest that has the best cheeseburgers ever. "butter burgers." mmmmmm.

steak n shake. another fast food chain with very popular milk shakes and skinny french fries. i rarely eat at the steak n shake but the very first one (which they only recently tore down) was opened in a town just a few miles away.

the horseshoe sandwich. a sandwich that practically every restaurant in central Illinois claims to have invented. this sandwich can really only be found on menus in central illinois. it consists of two pieces of toasted bread served open faced. each slice of toast has a hamburger patty (some serve ham instead), then the meat is topped with a big ol' pile of french fries and the whole thing gets smothered in melted cheese sauce. might be pretty difficult to mail to stinkypaw.

deep dish pizza. i live near chicago after all. i actually am a thin crust girl. we have monical's pizza and the crust is so thin it's like crackers...i love it!

So, i finally decided on two product samplers that i think will ship okay. i'll have to pack them with a freezer pack just in case but i think they'll make it. I don't want to spill the beans of what i'm sending because i'm not sure what stinky is planning to do with the final project. i will say that one of the items is something made right here in my home town. the lady who makes it has a copyright on the recipe so no one else in the world can make it (so she tells me). and the other item is coveted by people across the nation who used to live in chicago and have moved away. it's one of those "must haves" to take home and stock pile.
I am also mailing Preppygirl one of those items since I know she'll appreciate it like no one else.

Now the trick is to keep Monkeybrigade and the kids OUT of my bag in the fridge.


flyingvan said...

Hmmmm...I could send you some manzanita jelly, some yampa root, or some Ballast Point Ale. Those are the only things that come to mind

Stinkypaw said...

You've picked my curiosity my dear!

There's no secret about what I'm planning to do with the items received: eat them!!! What else?!

I'm glad you decided against sending me the Horseshoe sandwich, it sounds good but a bit messy... especially in the mail! ;-)

princess slea said...

well i didn't want to post what i'm sending until at least you've been surprised by it in the mail.

i figured you would do a blog post about what you got and how you liked it or something.

princess slea said...

fvan, sounds interesting...if stinkypaw's experiment goes well, maybe i'll do an exchange too.