Saturday, June 23, 2007

adventures of Harty and Joey

Last July, I posted about my daughter's imaginary children and thought I'd give a little update about what they've been up to.
To refresh your memory or for those of you who are new, the following is an excerpt from last year's post:

My five year old doesn't have imaginary friends, she has imaginary "children." I know she has at least five but the two who get the most attention are Harty and Joey.

Harty is a sweetheart and very likeable child. She helps Mazzy pick up her room and shares her toys with the other "kids." Harty has pink hair and is five years old. Today is her surprise birthday (it is ALWAYS her birthday and Mazzy ALWAYS wants to buy "Harty" a present). Her favorite language is French and she is fluent. She frequently gives Mazzy lessons in French. In case you didn't know ~ "maroya" is how you say "love" in French (hey, Harty should know). Harty wants to be a ballet teacher when she grows up.

Now, Joey is the little stinker of the group. He is often responsible for messing up Mazzy's room and once even locked Mazzy in her closet. Joey is four years old and likes water guns and wants to be a watergun boy fairy when he grows up. Last week Mazzy told me a secret about Joey. She said to me "he has big boobs like you, Mom." Mazzy says she loves him and is teaching him how to be good. Joey is in school right now, he has summer school (of course). Mazzy is fluent in "Rubbish" and she learned this from Joey. Joey isn't allowed at Nana and Papa's house anymore after acting up over there and making a mess. I've tried to ban him from our house but he keeps sneaking back in.

WELL, I hadn't heard much about the "kids" lately so I asked Mazzy yesterday where the heck they've been. She told me that they have been on vacation and should be home by "bednight" tonight.
Evidentally they have been vacationing with their Grandma in the woods behind Preppygirl and Galoot's house. I asked if they had tents or a trailor and she told me that they sleep hanging from the trees.
At some point between last July and now, they became vampires. More specifically "tree vampires" as they live in trees (duh, and the fairy vampires live in flowers and the mermaid vampires live in seashells).
She did inform me that vampires are "nocturnal" and that is why they will be arriving home at "bednight."
SO, Joey is a big boobed, rubbish speaking, water gun toting, sneaky vampire now. Great, as if he wasn't hard enough to live with before.


Stinkypaw said...

Reading this was like a trip down memory lane... I just love the kids' imaginative capacity. You should give this to Preppygirl's brother for him to draw those kids... I'm sure that would be so cool! You have the making of the next "Potter" type story there!

PreppyGirl said...

LOL. Dang I thought I saw something hanging from the trees back there. He must be the one who messed up Kate's room too. Freakin' vampires.