Monday, July 09, 2007

While in Wisconsin, we went for a pontoon ride one day.
My daughter had made it very clear that she did NOT want to ride on a boat. While she loved being IN the water, she had no desire to be ON the water.
We would ask her to get on the floatie with us which was just off the dock and she refused. She screamed and said "the box says only "four people at a time" and she would have been the fifth. We tried to assure her that it would actually hold 8 people but the photo only showed four. She wanted no part of it. I asked her what she was afraid would happen and she thought it might sink. I told her she was already IN the water and so what difference would it make. She didn't care.

So, we get on the pontoon after coaxing her with how it was a slow boat and Papa would go easy. We rode around the lake and Jude was having a blast, he absolutely LOVED the boat rides (fast and slow) but would NOT go in the lake. He was kneeling next to me at the front of the boat and looking over the edge (i had ahold of his life jacket) but he dropped his sippy cup into the water. Magda completely lost her cool and began crying. "I really loved that sippy cup" she cried. We were circling around to grab it out of the water and missed it. Of course we were all laughing because seeing the guys trying to bend over to reach the water was funny to us. After about three tries, she is still crying and we are telling her "it's only a sippy cup." She screams at us "but imagine if it was a person!!" Then she says "i knew we shouldn't have come on this boat ride."
we finally got the damn cup out of the water but by then she was totally done with boats. We got back to the dock and she immediately jumps into the water (yes, the same water of the same lake we were just on) to swim. ??? go figure.


Anonymous said...

This is such a priceless story I don't even know how to make a worth comment on it...

PreppyGirl said...

LOL. Mazzy - drama queen.