Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Question for a Catholic

So, since St. Patrick's Day is on Friday this year and Catholics don't eat meat on Fridays and since a LOT of Irish are also Catholics and they shouldn't eat corned beef this year but how can they make up new rules for an occassion such as this?
In our local paper a family of prominate Irish Catholics are hosting a St. Patty's party on Friday the 17th and they noted on the invitation/ad that all Catholics would be forgiven or absolved or whatever gives them permission to eat corned beef this year during lent. It seems very hypocritical (hmmmm like most religions I suppose).
I liken it to Quantum Physics which I also think is total bullshit. Quantum Physics says that any possibility is happening at anytime on any level across the Universe. It makes a great theory for a SciFi show (or two: Quantum Leap and Sliders). Just make up the rules as you go and change them when it's inconvenient (Calvinball anyone?)


PreppyGirl said...

The Archdiocese can issue a special dispensation from the norm (abstaining from meat) during Lent. In other words, those who choose to celebrate the memory of St. Patrick can eat meat on St. Patrick's day but are asked to substitute another form of penance on this day. Make sense?

I actually asked my priest this question once. He explained that it's somewhat "flexible" (I'm not sure that's the exact word he used but nonetheless...) He said, for instance, if you went to a friend's house for dinner on a Friday during Lent and they served meat, it would be okay to eat it to be polite. It's not a sin, abstaining is a form of penance. So again, you would then substitute another form of penance (abstain from drinking, or dessert or say some extra Hail Marys maybe?) That's not to say you can eat meat whenever you want as long as you perform another type of penance... but in a case like this, or if you simply forget (this happens a lot, I always slip up with breakfast meats.. oops) then you can make up for it with other forms of penance.

Have I said too much? Hey, you asked. ;)

jen said...

I loved Quantum Leap, one of my favorite shows ever - along with Wonder Years, which has nothing to do with science, but it was good.

Wow Prep! I am Catholic but not very active. We do Lent and not eating meat, but I had no idea about all this stuff. I don't like not eating meat on Fridays, but I do it. And it looks like from your post if I were to go have dinner at my friend (Taco Bells) 'home' that I would be able to eat meat since that is what they would be 'serving' to me. Very good to know!

PreppyGirl said...

I'm a bad Catholic. I don't go to church much lately because of my kids - but a few years ago I actually went to this adult confirmation class (I was never confirmed as a teenager because the classes were the same night of the week as ski club - priorities). Anyhoo, it was pretty cool and I learned a lot. Now if I could just get my butt back to church regularly...

Yes, Quantum Leap rules. Scott Bakula is a rock star!

Sherri said...

Shannon, you hurt my head!

Hey, Ali, do you remember when we were watching Quantum Leap and the deaf chick said, "Quantum Leap" in sign language and RJ kept doing it and saying, "kwntmm weeppp"?

princess slea said...

We made that a rule in dice, if you rolled whatever number you had to say "quantum leap" like the deaf girl in that show.
WOW, that sounds so lame. Why did we think that game was so fun?

PreppyGirl said...

"Quantuuuuhm weeep" oh yes, I do remember. I remember watching it at Mickey & Rudy's place out in Plantation somewhere. Dice games. Uggh, it's making my stomach turn just thinking about it.