Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Love Toys!

So, VH1 finished up their countdown of the 100 greatest toys ever and I have to disagree with many of their choices.
First off, there is no way the slinky should have made top 10, it is the suckiest toy. Really, big deal it walks down stairs. What about the kids who lived in ranch style homes an didn't have stairs? The slinky was boring.
Now, the hula hoop was the number one toy of all time??? Pu-lease, maybe it was the number one toy of 1950 but it isn't even in the same league as Atari or even the freaking skate board. Why the Hell weren't they ranked in the top ten?
Plus, I cannot believe that the Snoopy Snow Cone maker beat crayola crayons. Okay, so here is my list of top 10 toys. It is based on the amount of play I got out of the toy and if my kids also enjoy the toy after 20 years.
1. Crayola Crayons is numero uno.
2. Legos
3. Atari (obviously Playstation and Nintendo are superior but Atari came first)
4. Bicycle (ranks 4 and not higher because you can only play with it half the year)
5. Barbie (I loved decorating her house and picking out pretty clothes for her)
6. Candy Land (I played it when I was little and my kids play it now ~ a great game for toddlers)
7. Baby Alive (I loved my baby and loved feeding her and changing her diapers. My daughter doesn't have a Baby Alive doll but has similar baby dolls she plays with)
8. Fashion Plates (I realize this is one of those toys only a certain type of child would like, but I loved it and my daughter has an updated version with the Winx characters)
9. Star Wars figures (I didn't actually have these figures but my brother did and I loved the movies. I did have Wicket the Ewok and still have him today.)
10. Record Player with microphone (can't remember if it had an actual name but I loved this toy up until my brother used the mic cord to tie me up and force me to break it in order to escape. I really hated him for that. Fortunately, these days I can play with the Karaoke Revolution.)


3carnations said...

I did not know that Mr. Potato Head originally required that you provide a real potato...I only saw the last 15 minutes of the show, though.

PreppyGirl said...

I was a big Barbie freak when I was little. I had a whole village set up in our basement: house, pool, camper, airplane, and super star stage show. I even had this white crate that was Ken's "Bachelor Pad." It was great until my brother came along with the Karate action figures and killed all the Barbies. Brothers are so fun.

I'm gonna steal your post and do my top ten toys.

Sherri said...

I have to put the bike higher on my list. I'm from Florida so it was a year round toy.

Amy said...

Found your site through Jen's blog and I have to COMPLETELY agree with your Toys selection. When I watched the whole thing and saw that number one was the hoola hoop?! No way man. And the snoopy sno cone maker?? way.