Thursday, March 13, 2008

pointing out the obvious

so, here is a clip from Obama's preacher.
if you don't want to watch it (and i don't blame you), the gyst of it is that he (Jeremiah Wright) is ashamed of black people who aren't voting for Barack Obama because he is the ONLY candidate who "understands" the plight of the poor black man. What frustrates me about this the most is that Geraldine Ferraro was called a racist for saying that Barack is only as far as he is because he is black. By this preachers own rants, he is saying that ALL black people should vote for Barack simply because he is black. Who is the true racist? In my opinion, she just called it like it is.
I am very concerned that if Barack is elected president this type of man is going to be where he gets his "spiritual" guidance.

Also in regards to this man's sermon...why does he think Hillary has had it so easy? It hasn't been that long since women have had equal rights to white men either. Women still don't have equal pay for equal work and there is most definitely still a double standard. WTF? I'm not out preaching that all women should be ashamed of themselves if they "just don't get it" and are not supporting our "sister".

If Barack doesn't reject this man, will you still vote for him? Is it a fair statement that if Hillary can be called a racist because of what Geraldine said, then Barack himself is a racist because of what his people said? I'm still really trying to think this through. Like I said in the beginning, there isn't much difference between Hillary and Barack's policies and ideas and I would have been fine with either of them (though leaning toward Hillary) but as time has gone on, my instincts towards Barack have told me that he is not the right man at this time. As much as I hate to say this, if he wins the nomination ~ I'll be voting for McCain. (not that it matters since I live in freaking Illinois).


Galoot said...

I don't give a flying "f" what Ferraro or the preacher say. Honestly, is what Ferraro said anything different than saying Hilary is where she is because she has the last name "Clinton"? By that logic, we can make up any reason for why someone is where they are. I live in Jamestown because I like cold weather. I got to be in my job because I can spell "arts". That's all horse shit.

I still don't know who I'm voting for yet. My decision will probably come down to character, not where they've been or what they're promising.

3carnations said...

Ugh. This is getting tiring. Someone is being rejected, repudiated, renounced every other day lately. Maybe everyone just needs to be quiet and let the candidates speak for themselves. It's silly that the candidates have to "reject" a supporter who says something with which they disagree. How about "I disagree with what he said." After all, isn't that what people DO? We disagree with each other. There is not a person in the world with whom we agree with every statement they make. Why should politics be any different?

princess slea said...

when you are running for President of the United States of America then I absolutely think it is relevant who you surround yourself with and who you support with your own finances (by his tithes week after week to financially support this type of thinking). If I went to church and my pastor started to preach about who I should vote for, I would get up and walk OUT.

galoot, good point on the whole comparison of what is the difference between people saying he is where he is because he's black and she is where she is because she is a clinton. we all are where we are because of all the things that make us WHO we are (including race, gender, family affiliations, religious beliefs, etc.)

ultimately what i think and who i vote for DOES NOT MATTER because my state will overwhelmingly vote for Obama if he is the nom.

3carnations said...

Yes, it's important who you are surrounded by. But, rejecting a person and rejecting a statement you disagree with are two entirely different things. There's not a person out there who will not have some significant difference in thinking with another person.

I will probably vote for McCain...But I don't agree with everything he says, either.

princess slea said...

i guess my problem is that this person isn't just "some person" making a random statement, he is his RELIGIOUS leader. His PREACHER, teacher, advisor. You choose these people because they do believe what you believe and you want to be taught/led by them. If you are attending church and you don't believe in what your pastor is saying then why bother going at all?
what the chick in his campaign said about hillary being a "monster" I can overlook because she is just someone in his campaign but Jeremiah Wright is not just some random person who supports Barack, he is much much more to him.

Anonymous said...

There was a black preacher on the other day that said young blacks shouldn't vote for Obama because they have never suffered like older blacks and younger blacks just want to be white.

What is up with the black preacher community.

All this banter just proves we vote for people who are like us and not the best candidate.


And where is a good place to keep "the banana".


princess slea said...

aha ha, obviously she didn't find a good enough place! seriously, i am getting nauseous now just recalling that moment.

Mimi said...

My two cents? Hilary is where she is because she didn't cut Bill's willy off. Obama is there because he's the least threatening African-American to make a splash in our country since Urkel. McCain is where he is because he didn't tell Bush to "F" off during the 2000 election. I guess that turned into my 3 cents.

Leesa said...

I thought this whole thing was a non-issue, but when I was at the gym, I heard Geraldine Ferraro's explaination of her comments. Her explanation left me with the impression that she is a racist and that she believes the country is full of racists.

If I was H. Clinton, I would have cut Geraldine Ferraro already. Besides, who wants to be linked to her run for the president as vp on the ticket?

And I am one of those flip-flop voters, not really passionate about any of the candidates (but will vote anyway).

flyingvan said...

Yeah, it's really hard to rally behind any of them right now. Hillary is running on a 'We hate Bush' platform, which I find nauseating since I can't recall Bush even once bad-mouthing the Clinton administration, even when reporters tried to goad him into it. The more I scrutinize Obama, the more I agree with the 'empty suit' folks---the only 'change' he talks about is towards more socialism. McCain? OK he's a war hero and 'reached across the aisle' but he seems pretty nuts. I have friends that were Navy Seals--certainly served their country, but I wouldn't want them in a political role. If Joe Leiberman had run on the Democratic ticket I would vote for him over McCain

leomange said...

Yeah, well it looks like Obama pretty much immediately repudiated Wright, and his comments.

That said, both campaigns are dealing with the blowback of the words of their surrogates. Wright and Ferraro, and many others, but these two most recently, are muddying both campaigns and their messages. That's too bad for all involved.

I can't wait until they can stop targeting each other, and it's one of them versus McCain. (Hopefully Obama!)

princess slea said...

leo, i don't think he repudiated Wright, JUST his comments (because he HAD to). he likened him to a family member who you don't always agree with. he said that he didn't know about these comments until just in the last few days....i just don't believe it. he's known this man on a very close level for decades.

i'm definitely getting discouraged again by the whole political process. i'm back to believing it doesn't matter who is the president. afterall, it's not like ONE person actually runs the whole show.

3carnations said...

I'm taking back my previous comments about this...The more I hear, the clearer it is becoming that Wright holds some very extreme views. I don't think anyone could be a member of the church for 20 years without realizing this, and I don't think someone who disagreed with said views would want to be a part of that particular church. Makes me question some things about Obama.

princess slea said...

in his first interview after all of this "broke" in the media, he said that he did not know that rev. wright had said these things and that he had only just found out with all clips on tv.
today's speech as magical and profound as it was proved that he lied because he admitted that he DID know rev wright held extreme views. proved to me that when he has time to formulate and write a beautiful speech he can definitely do it (unless it's lifted from one of his "friends") but when pressed under pressure, his initial response was to LIE to cover his butt.