Wednesday, March 26, 2008

cinderella story

did i mention that i'm gong to aruba in a couple of weeks? my free (earned) body shop incentive trip is coming up april 14th. i'm ready to get away but have started having those doomsday plane crash nightmares.
now, i've blogged about it so if my plane crashes, everyone can say "oh, she had a premonition that this would happen." except that i have this anxiety every single time i travel (by car, by plane, train, boat, doesn't matter). do all moms have this fear? dying would really suck, not so much for me because i'll be dead but for my kids because a step mom would surely fuck them up.
it's common knowledge that step moms are evil bitches.

i'm still doing the fargin elliptical. on the advice of someone who is physically active, i am "switching it up". this was the conversation:

me: i've got to go to the rec center and do the elliptical. it sucks.

him: you should try jogging

me: jogging is not an option for a large breasted mother of two. gravity is not my friend.

him: T.M.I. (we are not really "friends" more like co-workers)

me: really, i've been doing the elliptical at least 4 days a week, 40 minutes at 60 RPM. every single second of it sucks and i have not lost one pound in 5 weeks.

him: you are doing it too much. you've got to switch it up. seriously, when is the last time you were physically fit?

me: *thinking*.....*thinking*.....uh...never.

so, i've started walking the track every other day for one hour (I try and do 4 miles in that hour but it's hard to keep up that pace on a track, I find that I slow down unless I have another person on track going the same speed and I can follow their pace).
Today is an elliptical day. Ugh.

I'm waiting for Monkey to put the Les Mis soundtrack on my IPOD so that I can pretend that I am Cosette on Broadway.


Galoot said...

Same here about the poundage. Since rejoining the YMCA, I've been working out 2 to 3 times a week. My weight hasn't changed, but I've cut some of the waistline down and elsewhere. You experiencing anything like that?

Stinkypaw said...

When I used to train (in a previous life) and teach, I would often tell people that at first your weight don't change but the fat is transforming into muscle, then you start losing, after...

The key here is NOT to stop! Keep it up!

princess slea said...

thanks for the encouragement. i definitely feel firmer and healthier but i haven't dropped a size or anything. waiting for that...

i'm going to keep adding things to my workout until i see results!

Shannon said...

You are doing sooooo great! Really, I can't say that enough. You are truly inspiring. Except, like not to me - don't feel bad. Nothing inspires me.

Anyway, I'm with ya on the "it would suck if I died". My kids would kill me if I died and I would be so pissed because my husband sucks at parenthood and his family would fuck my kids up worse than they have their own. I've made my sister promise to take all my kids (and I've got hefty life insurand to entice her) and if she doesn't, I'm coming back to haunt her, bigtime.

flyingvan said...

My incentive is, if my flight weight (me plus my equipment) is over 200# I'm back on the fire engine. Exercise doesn't change weight, just moves it around. I just go to bed on an empty stomach, wake up hungry enough to eat whatever birdseed mush concoction A.M. invented, and avoid anything prepackaged.....As far as the death thing goes she's got me over-insured and some of my co-workers have her number on speed dial. Her only problem would be I'm the only one that knows how to make her chai tea latte the way she likes it (I sneak in triplesec and whip it up)

PreppyGirl said...

You should also be doing some sort of change up in your routine. do 4 minutes at a moderate pace then 1 minute super hard, then back to the moderate pace again. It's called interval training and it works baby. Maybe your machines at the gym have a pre-programmed routine you could use. I'd also recommend getting a heart rate monitor to help measure for intervals. A wrist one or the kind you strap on your chest work way better than the ones on the machines. And these days all the machines pick up the signal from heart rate monitors so you can watch your heart rate the whole time you're working out.

princess slea said...

the machine does have interval training but i've never been able to figure out how to program it. i basically get on and hit the easy start button.

i guess i'm going to have to just start feeling hungry. i thought i could lose some by just adding exercise and taking away a few of my favorite things (not ALL of them). i've pretty much eaten tuna salad, cucumbers, and salad for the last three days. we'll see what the scale says tomorrow.

flyingvan said...

When you get the munchies, go brush your teeth.....The very worst thing you can do is reward yourself after a hard exercise ("I did all this so I deserve some rocky road")