Saturday, February 02, 2008

snow pants

for some reason blogger isn't letting me post my pictures 8(

yesterday i officially became the coolest mom on the block. I went out to shovel snow from the driveway and took both my kids with me. Bundled up in their snow pants and layers of socks and gloves I let them go crazy in the snow.
The neighbor kids were also out (twin 7 year old boys and a little girl the same age as my son). So, as I shoveled they all played around me. I was piling all the snow into one big pile up by the garage and it soon turned into a "fort." Well, I kinda got sidetracked (from shoveling) building this fort and it was looking pretty good when the kids made teams and the other team wanted their own fort. So, I made a fort in the neighbors yard (just off the side of my driveway), next to a big tree. Now we had two awesome snow forts and we had a snowball fight. It was fun, I took pictures and realized afterward that I had not put my memory card into the camera (duh!!). I got the card and just took some shots of the kids.

I built a third fort. A small completely enclosed one that we called the lookout. My daughter was busy decorating them with plastic pumpkins she had found in the garage. Why? I have no idea. She started making seats in the sides of the snow and putting sticks in like flags, etc.

I was really trying to get the drive shoveled and started piling more snow on the second fort (the one by the tree). Eventually, we realized that it was the biggest and best fort and decided to really make it awesome. So, of course we made a tunnel leading into the fort. The boys were completely amazed that I knew how to make forts and really blown away that I could show them how to make a tunnel.

Before we got to play in it, the boys had to go in and warm up and I had to take Mazzy to the eye doctor (she had to get glasses ~ another post on that later). I left and the forts were looking good.

and then I came home two hours later to mutilation. The boys had been let loose and destroyed the first fort and the lookout fort. They had caved in the tunnel on the biggest and most awesome fort and informed me that they "put in a chimney." (The chimney must have been the small chair inserted upside down in the top of the fort.)

today i am sore. but still cool.

(i'll try and post the picts tomorrow if blogger will let me)

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