Wednesday, February 27, 2008

everybody's doing a brand new trance now...

i just finished another 40 minutes on the dreaded elliptical. it does get easier the more days i do it.

i was just wondering what you think about when you are exercising. do you concentrate on your muscles and the movement of the workout? perhaps you listen to music and just think about the lyrics. do you watch a tv program and zone out to that? do you play over experiences or problem solve? or maybe you do what i do and go into an exercise "trance" with fantasies.

my fantasies sometimes consist of me all firm and fit in a swim suit (usually a modest one piece) on the beaches of Aruba (where i am going in april). or me shopping for a super cute dress that shows off my fabulous body. but MOST of my exercise fantasies are about me winning an obscene amount of money in the lottery and how i would spend it.

today was a winning lottery day and i took the whole family to the Nick Hotel in Florida. I also flew down Preppygirl, Galoot and the kiddies. We stayed in the most awesome 3 bedroom suite where the walls were decked out with Jimmy Neutron. We played on the water slides all week.
Sometime after 20 minutes of gliding, I bought some property and designed myself a new house. It even has a 3 season room with cat doors and a long screened in tunnel around the garden for the cats to go "outside" without being able to run away or get attacked by wild animals. I included a theater room and my own gym so I don't have to go out in the snow to torture myself on this machine.
After about 35 minutes and 3.49 miles, I decided that if I won that much money I would just go to a plastic surgeon for some lipo and get those weekly colonics that celebrities get.


Stinkypaw said...

I'm surprised it took you 35 min to come up with that decision! hee.

flyingvan said...

Interesting. Guys fantasize about the women around them looking good in swimwear, and apparently women fantasize about looking good in swimwear for the people around them.
What is the ratio of stress/weight gain between you and your significant other? For us it's a 5:1 ratio----A.M. would stress the same about gaining one pound as me gaining five pounds. Why the disparity?

princess slea said...

i don't think monkey stresses at all about gaining weight.
From the looks of your last post, it doesn't appear that your wife needs to stress about gaining weight either.

flyingvan said...

Oh but she does. Except it's the other direction. She eats constantly just to keep her weight where it is; I have no idea where it goes, but she eats about double what I do. (people sometimes hand her pamphlets for eating disorder clinics---she feels like she should eat a carrot cake in front of them or something)

Tina said...

I'm not on an elliptical, I'm on a Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike. I've got my computer desk raised up to fit the big honkin' wheel under there, and I'm riding while I play World of Warcraft.

I typically bike for an hour, and I ride faster if something is trying to kill my character. It's a pretty captivating game with lots to look at & do.

If you look at the first entry in my blog, you can see my set up.

I don't think about the workout at all, and I'm often surprised that my 32oz water jug is empty and I'm sweating :) This works better for me than the TV because the bike is too loud to follow spoken conversation unless I wear headphones.

I save the lottery fantasies for when I'm falling asleep. I usually conk out the time they're handing me the check...

It's a good way to keep your mind busy while you exercise, but I've probably programmed myself to go to sleep to that now. Dang, if I ever win the real lottery, I'd better caffeine up before I go to get the check!