Monday, January 15, 2007

hockey movies

there aren't very many movies about hockey:

Happy Gilmore: obviously more about golf
Youngblood: hottie rob lowe and tough guy pat swayze
Mystery, Alaska: outdoor hockey in alaska, russell crowe is very sexy in this flick
Slapshot: funniest, greatest most popular hockey movie of all time ~ paul newman
Miracle: based on true story about when usa won the olympics
The Mighty Ducks: who hasn't seen the mighty ducks?
Cutting Edge: only about a former hockey player turned figure skater. doesn't really count.

any i've missed?


PreppyGirl said...

So funny - I was just thinking of Youngblood when I read your last post as I saw the first ten minutes of it on Saturday afternoon. Rob Lowe and "the SWAYZ" (as Galoot calls him), were looking oh so young and cah-yute! I had it bad for Mr. Lowe back then.

Slapshot - love it, thought I'm not sure I've actually watched it from start to finish in any one sitting - but I also have it bad for Paul Newman, so anything he's associated with is OK in my book.

Miracle I saw recently and thought it was pretty dern good. And the Cutting Edge - the perfect chick flick.

monkeybrigade said...

Not really a about hockey, but Wayne's World brought me back when they were in the street playing hockey and yelled "Car!" every time one drove by.

Also, Warren Zevon has a song called "Hit Somebody!"

"He never lost a fight on his icy patrol/But deep inside Buddy only dreamed of a goal/He just wanted one damn goal."

princess slea said...

I also thought of Stuck on You with Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear. They are conjoined twins and "one" of them is the goalie. Hilarious.

PreppyGirl said...

Kate loves that movie - she calls it Stuck Together. It is hilarious.