Sunday, December 17, 2006

cranky lady

I normally don't work at the flower shop on Saturdays but with the Christmas season and busyness of my bosses/the owner's schedule, I filled in.
I arrived to find a four page note detailing a particular order that some lady was supposed to be picking up that day. The gyst of the note was what the woman wanted and what we could do and wouldn't do for her. It said "do NOT offer to do the arrangement for her!" She had ordered certain flowers and to save money had said she would arrange them herself so she just wanted them wrapped.

About an hour into my day I get a phone call from the woman. Our conversation went like this:

me: Kim's Floral Gallery, hello

her: yes, who is this?

me: it's princess slea

her: well, i don't know princess slea (said under her voice). do you have flowers for Grace church?

me: yes we do, they are all ready to go.

her: well i have a problem. my electrical is out and i don't have any access to a phone to call anyone for help (keep in mind, she has managed to call ME from a phone). i don't think that all those flowers will fit in the vases and i just don't think pastor will be pleased with my efforts. how late are you open? ( she did mumble about three other excuses of why she couldn't get the flowers and trying to drop hints for me to arrange them for her)

me: i'm here until 1pm today.

her: well, what can you tell me?

me: excuse me? what can I tell you about what??

her: my problem?

me: well, I CANNOT arrange the flowers for you (I'm beginning to understand the note) and I am here by myself today so they can't be delivered and we aren't open past 1pm. You don't HAVE to purchase the flowers if you don't want them.


she hung up the phone after that and I was left stunned. my boss called me shortly after that and asked if that woman had been in. i told her about the phone call and she said that woman is always a total pain in the ass and wants the best of everything but doesn't want to pay for it. Thankfully someone else from the church came to pick the flowers up and even he said the woman who ordered them was crazy.

ahhh. saturdays. evidently there's no help in the world on saturdays.


3carnations said...

"What can you tell me about my problem?" I love that.

It's such a treat to deal with people sometimes!

At least she wasn't the one who came in to pick it up!

Stinkypaw said...

"evidently there's no help in the world on saturdays."...Especially not so close to Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Classic. You could write a book about all the kooks you deal with in that town. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love her excuse about not being able to get to a phone while she is on the freaking phone.