Thursday, September 08, 2005

Kids say the darndest things

WARNING: men may be embarrassed reading this post.

A couple of days ago I am with my family at a restaurant. I take my 4 year old into the restroom with me and make her come into the stall since there are other people in the bathroom and I dont want anyone to "steal" her. She uses the toilet first and I decided I needed to go too. I happened to be wearing those "period" underwear (do all women have these?) and she notices the stain and says very loudly "Mom, you have a stain in your underwear. I think next time you do the laundry you need to use stain remover on that." I hear muffled laughing coming from the next stall and I'm sure that lady is picturing skid marks or something.
Oh the unfiltered honesty of children.


PreppyGirl said...

Next time you can say. "Sweetie, mommy bleeds out her coothcie once a month. You'll have the joy of experiencing this when you're my age too. Won't that be fun?"

Then again, maybe not such a great idea. Tee hee.

Sherri said...

Imagine me in a bathroom stall with Charlie and him saying, "Mommy, where is your peepee?" "Girls don't have peepees, Charlie." "What do girls have, Mommy?" I hear snickering from outside the stall. What do I say??? I told him we have vaginas, but he pronounces it bagina. Too funny.

Chimp Jones said...

Mr. Social said...

Same thing happened to me only it actually was a skidmark and it wasn't my daughter. It was my 20-something friend Lonar. Also, it was not a bathroom stall. It was on a crowded city bus. Oh yeah, and when Lonar pulled my drawers down, some loose turds tumbled out too. There was no snickering, as I recall, but a lady and her dog threw up. But it was the exact same situation, otherwise.