Sunday, August 02, 2009

august 09

holy august already.

this has been a busy summer. we spent a week at preppygirl's house, the kids all went to a drama enrichment program. they did awesome.

with a lot of help from my mom, i cleaned up and re-did our basement. it is now a great (clean) place for the kids to hang out (our of my hair that is). plus they can get away from each other too. Grandpa Mel put in cable down there, we set up the bar with all of mazzy's art supplies and the futon is perfect down there (where I don't have to sit on it).

last week had a house full of friends. it was wonderful. the john hughes party was a blast, lots of laughing. already planning next year's party (circus/sideshow theme). loved having so many new faces this year and hope everyone comes back next year.

next weekend we have a wedding to attend out of town. i have been dared to wear my vintage 80's dress (that i wore as a costume to the john hughes party), i am thinking that's what i'll wear.
the week after that we will spend a week in wisconsin at the lake. hope it warms up enough to put on swim suits!
then back to school for the kids. jude will start kindergarten. i'm still not happy about the attendance center crap so we'll see how that goes. at least mazzy will still be at our neighborhood school (for one more year only).

launching a brand new at home company here in the US come september. NYR Organics is the very first and only organic home based business in the US and the products are amazing (and gorgeous). you can check out the UK website for now if you want to get an idea of the products. go to (prices are in pounds).
the future is going to be all about reducing the chemicals we put on our skin (our skin absorbs the chemicals we put on it and takes it into our bloodstream). 
i'm excited so many of my body shop team members have joined me in this venture. ready to get it started.


Stinkypaw said...

It does read like a busy summer. So, you'll be taking the dare to attend the wedding on your 80s dress? Must see pictures of that!

I'll check out the link for the products, reads interesting. Good for you!

3carnations said...

I'm intrigued about the organic products...But I looked at the website, and unless I'm converting wrong, $16 for 1 oz hand cream? Seems like a tough sell. I wish you the best of luck, though! I wonder if they offer monthly specials that would make purchasing more feasible?

Our futon is in the basement playroom, too. Apparently that's what happens to futons by the time you're in your 30s. :-)

Shannon said...

it's definitely not a cheap product and will be some effort on my part to educate people on the profound benefits of using products that do not contain synthetic or cancer causing ingredients. our bodies do absorb a lot (can be up to 100%) of the chemicals in our body care products. those chemicals go straight into our bloodstream.

plus, with quality products like these, they are concentrated so a very small amount covers and treats an area that would take a lot more of a standard (less quality) product.

i don't think i'm going to have a huge customer base but for my personal use and for a handful of customers who i already know are really into the natural/organic lifestyle, i'm thrilled about this line.

once i can start using and showing the products, i'll post more about how it's going.