Monday, January 28, 2008

do this dance

so at the family birthday party for mazzy we had the usual crew. we did the singing of bday song, blowing out of candles and eating of cake. monkey's parents always make HOME MADE ice cream and it's always delish.

chimp was in the kitchen with "fem-monkey" and a few other people and they were playing with jude boy who was going a little crazy. He gets pretty worked up when he has an audience and LOVES his uncle chimp.
so jude starts doing some crab walk like dance and chimp says to him
chimp: that's pretty cool. what do you call that?
jude: oh, that's just the "itchy cock" dance.

i asked him the next day what that crazy dance was called again and he told me the "itchy poooodle". that's better.


Stinkypaw said...

LOL! Now that boy knows how to make his mama proud, doesn't he?! ;-)

Shannon said...

If one of mine had said that, I would have sworn their dad said it first. It had to make you laugh, though.