Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lockdown at our High School

Situation: Pontiac Township High School is currently under Code Red Lockdown due to a report of weapons in the school.
Background: Most recent reports are that the premises are being searched, weapons have been recovered, students involved are being held, no injuries have occurred to either students or staff.
Assessment: As far as we know, the facility search continues, however students are secure and safe at the school, and the search is continuing in an orderly fashion.
Recommendation: As more information is announced, we will share it, as we know many of you have children at PTHS.

In an effort to keep our employees informed of the latest news reports and most accurate information made available, we share the following from the police and WJEZ from just a few moments ago …
PTHS is dismissing at the present time. Buses are running their routes.
Grade schools, PJHS and St. Mary’s will remain in session until their normal dismissal time, but their buildings will remain on lockdown as a precautionary measure.
A total of six guns were recovered this morning at PTHS and three persons are in custody.
Reminder … police and other authorities will hold a news conference at 2:30 p.m. today at the police headquarters downtown.
All PTHS students will attend a special meeting in the auditorium at 8:20 a.m. tomorrow.

1.) At 8:30 a.m., a student approached the high school’s resource officer and informed him that he knew that guns were brought into the school.
2.) A Code Red was immediately called. Per the prescribed P & P, all teachers locked students into the classrooms and followed the remaining steps outlined in the policy. School officials and law enforcement were commended for their preparedness and the orderly fashion in which the Code Red procedure was followed and calmly conducted.
3.) Six handguns in a book bag were located within minutes.
4.) Three individuals are in custody. No names have been released because they are juveniles.
5.) Interviews with these and other individuals are still occurring at this hour.
6.) The makes and models of the handguns were not released, as well as whether they were loaded or their origin, pending the remainder of the investigation process.
7.) Remaining students were held in the school for approximately 3-1/2 hours before school was dismissed.
8.) Code Red procedures were practiced at the school at least twice last year, according to the superintendant.
9.) School security video will be reviewed in the coming hours and days as part of the investigation.
10.) There will be a police presence at all the city’s schools tomorrow.
11.) Tomorrow morning’s 8:20 a.m. assembly at the high school will include counselors, police officers and school officials, and will include information intended to comfort students, restore their feeling of safety and their confidence in attending school. Counseling services will be offered to all students.
12.) Charges against the three individuals are expected to be announced once all info is rec’d --- probably tomorrow.
13.) The teachers with students on the field trip in Decatur today were notified immediately of the Code Red, and returned home as originally planned.


3carnations said...

Ugh. I can't stand this stuff. Our kids should be able to be safe at school, right? I hope everyone is safe.

3carnations said...

I just looked up the news article, and it says the elementary school got locked down as a precuation - Is your daughter there?

princess slea said...

yes, my daughter was in school at the grade school. I asked her if anything unusual happened at school and she told me it was a "drill." so the kids weren't even aware of anything.
we live in a very small very middle class very normal farming community. seems to be getting more and more common.

Stinkypaw said...

It's is sickening what the juveniles will do today.

Glad to read your child was safe.

3carnations said...

The fact that this is getting more "common" is terrifying. I don't know how, but I hope and pray that somehow this type of thing will stop.