Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oreo Thief

This is a funny story I remembered from my past.

I used to work as a Quality Analyst at a printing plant. I basically escorted customers (Art Directors, Publishers, Production Managers, etc.) to press and let them edit color on their magazines. As a sidenote, I am now the customer and get escorted by my old co-workers to press. It is a weird dynamic but it really is pretty sweet to be able to return to your old job and have everyone have to basically kiss your ass.
When I worked as a QA, we had a new customer in the plant okaying FLAUNT magazine. A trendy, LA based magazine with a very flamboyant creator named Luis.
Luis was in the plant and he was a self proclaimed "Queen" and I remember he used the word fuck a lot. I thought he was awesome. He told me stories about celebrities he had met and the groupie that I am, I was impressed. He must have liked me because he bought me a bottle of perfume for my birthday (which was the same week he was in the plant.)
Anyway, one time we were out at press and the head press operator (an old timer who's been a press operator for like 40 years) had a bag of Oreo cookies sitting next to his work station. There were only two left and when he went out of the doghouse, Luis sneakily reached over and shoved them both in his mouth. He didn't think anyone had seen him but I did. He lowered his head and continued to color correct as he ate the cookies. The head press operator came back in and went to grab his remaining cookies and saw they were gone. He looked at me and was like "what the fuck happened to my cookies?" Luis said "Don't look at me" in his very flamboyant manner (think Carson Kressley from Queer Eye) but as he said it you could see Oreo cookie all over his teeth.
Of course there was nothing we could do or say since he was the customer but the look on the operator's face was priceless. I was just on his press Saturday morning and we recalled that memory. Kenny (the operator) said he was pissed, he wanted those cookies.

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PreppyGirl said...

Love it! That gives "cookie puss" a whole new meaning.